Tzarina Nassor

'I just like to create experiences in all forms'. Tzarina Nassor is a London based artist with an eclectic range. Despite her alternative sound, her musical journey started by picking up a guitar at age 8, strumming until she had a blister, and listening to classical music every morning and every night. Since then she has been composing, as well as songwriting, for 10 years and her style is as eclectic as her playlists. One can't pinpoint the quality but whatever the song you'll somehow know it's her. Her love of film means that her music evokes a visual, emotional, and multilayered experience but most of all she wants you to have fun, go on a journey, and get lost in the sound.

Tzarina hopes to put out more music this year, to grow as an artist, and to perform for all the lovely people out there.