What do you get when you cross Alt-Pop with a pair of bellends? YES BABEZ!

Hailing from west London these two clowns were brought together in the summer of 2014 after Mick Morrison posted an ad on Gumtree looking for a babe to form a pop duo; unfortunately Lily Powell saw the ad and the rest, as they say, followed shortly afterwards.

Over the next year Morrison and Powell transformed into YES BABEZ! writing and performing pop songs with sing-along melodies and backing tracks hinting at any and every genre, whether it be Blues, Ska, Classic Rock or Barbershop. Sure, there were bumps on the road to crafting this alt-pop sound, (the east coast hip-hop inspired Gimme Da Flute was described by some as “awful and possibly offensive”) however the duo continued undeterred by the #h8ers and were soon ready to lay down their first tracks for release.

The Hanway Street sessions took place in Mick’s recently vacuumed bedroom over the course of November 2015. Produced and mixed by the band they naturally thought they had smashed it and were ready to present their songs to the world, however, after being offered a mastering session at Abbey Road Studios by audio engineering icon Geoff Pesche whose credits include Coldplay and Kylie Minogue, the two quickly changed their tune. The first of the finished tracks, Madame Beaujolais, was made available to download and stream in March 2016 racking up literally tens of plays in its first few hours.

The duo are now hitting the London toilet circuit playing raw and stripped down arrangements of their work to promote Madame Beaujolais and their second single Hello, spreading the word of the babez to anyone who will listen.

Industry Quotes:

'YES BABEZ! dazzle with minimal instrumentation and emphasis on sublimely fine vocals' - Bill Smith, BILLCS Music Blog

'Quirky, funny and wonderfully fun debut single Madame Beaujolais from London based indie-poppers' - Roland Monger, Listen With Monger

'(Again & Again's) extremely infectious hook will get you on an early summer vibe high! Wanna bet you’ll play this little tune Again & Again & Again & Again?!' - The Dutch Guy

'Without seemingly realising it, (Hello) develops in to a full blown alt-pop anthem'- Roland Monger, Listen With Monger

‘Not really for me’ – Jamila Scott, A&R Scout, Polydor Records

‘The best band in London’ – Lily Powell, YES BABEZ!

'Microsoft seems to have captured and applied the best definition of 'iteration' to almost every end of the Surface Pro 4, making it well worth the wait for creative professionals, students and everyday folks alike' - Joe Osborne, Tech Radar

YES BABEZ! - Madame Beaujolais