With a plethora of emerging talent out there, CHERRY PICKED makes life a little easier for you by bringing you the low down on just a handful of our stand-out shows. 

This show in particular has been carefully curated and hand-picked by our team here at HOT VOX as it’s a cut above the rest. We’ve included this show in the CHERRY PICKED series based on the sheer talent this line-up exudes…


“You’ve got to dig it to dig it, you dig?”

Vellichor is a London jazz quartet combining aspects of 90s hip-hop, 60s modal jazz and the contemporary London jazz sound. With players from Somerset, Glasgow and South London wh... view artist profile

Frank and Max

Frank & Max are a singer/songwriter duo who combine jazz, liquid DnB and Neosoul influences to create folk inspired pieces of lyric and harmony-driven music. They perform in prestigious venues across London including Avalon Cafe, Piano Smithfi... view artist profile

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