Acklam Village Market is one of West London’s true gems. Tucked away just off the world-famous Portobello Road Market, you’ll find a fun festival atmosphere every single weekend. 

Acklam Village Market is a feast for the senses, with a diverse range of street food from across the globe, including some mouthwatering vegan offerings, craft beer, creative cocktails and organic ciders from Bay 52 bar, as well as live music performances every hour! With all that going on, we feel it’s our duty to tell you what’s going on AT ACKLAM this weekend…

This weekend we have Elta Wave taking to the stage AT ACKLAM

Elta arrived to London from Jerusalem in 2015 with nothing but a guitar and a suitcase. Following her love for music she worked as a sound engineer all over London while writing more songs.

In 4 words? Empowering pop funk rock The recipe;4 piece Add Electric guitar, a Nord specialist, a groovy drummer and a powerfully versatile voice & produce it with love.

Side effects may include; Hypnotising hooks & soundscapes, a song stuck in your head for days, acceptance, caring for the planet, inspiration, a want to stand up for your rights, a need to boogie, a lasting impression. Incase any of it persist for longer than wanted put on any of the bands mentioned above (or Dua Lipa) and please dance!

So make sure to check out Elta Wave at 1.30pm and 4.30pm this Saturday 5th June AT ACKLAM

Acklam Village Market are Covid friendly to government guidelines, feel free to book a table by emailing

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