With a plethora of emerging talent out there, CHERRY PICKED makes life a little easier for you by bringing you the low down on just a handful of our stand-out shows. 


This show in particular has been carefully curated and hand-picked by our team here at HOT VOX as it’s a cut above the rest. We’ve included this show in the CHERRY PICKED series based on the sheer talent this line-up exudes…


Originally from Italy, EB is a young singer-songwriter who writes songs inspired by the blues of the origins and the folk of the 60s. Her most recent music releases are characterized by a mixture of genres, making her stand out from the crowd. EB ... view artist profile

Taylor Benfield

Meet Taylor Benfield, a British RnB singer-songwriter, who draws her inspiration from the world around her and the life experiences she goes through each day. During the pandemic, Taylor released her debut single ‘Side of Life’, and af... view artist profile

Anna Foye

Anna Foye is an emerging pop artist from the South coast who’s divergent writing and distinctive lyricism sit at the core of her music, allowing her audience to get to know the independent 20 year-old behind it. With previous releases such a... view artist profile

Nia Nicholls

Nia is a singer/songwriter signed to Uniq & has recorded in Nashville & San Diego. At 17, she was invited to perform at the festival “Buckle & Boots” 2018. Dylan Scott, who had the No.1 single in the US with his hit “... view artist profile

Marsupial Soup

We are Marsupial Soup, a three piece based in Leeds. We play sunlit, tropical indie pop with leanings towards oddball post-punk and the occasional Latin rhythm. Our origins lie in rural South Wales, where two brothers once met with a mysterious, e... view artist profile

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