With an abundance of amazing artists and awesome shows coming up in the calendar, we’ve carefully handpicked one of our stand-out events, which we are particularly looking forward to!


So save the date, add it to your calendar, pin it on your notice board as you won’t want to miss this one.

Emma Mae

Bitchpop at its finest. 22 year old Emma Mae writes songs about boys in bands for people with a grudge. Based in London and studying a Master’s in music, she has plenty of material and buckets of promise.

Emma is Leicester-born and bi... view artist profile

Iris Van Merse

Iris Van Merse is a singer-songwriter living in London, born in The Netherlands. Through her songs she tries to encapsulate a world of magic, hope and dreams. Inspired by her memories, she writes to process her own emotions and also produces the s... view artist profile

Chiara Filomeni

I grew up with my grandmother’s fairy tales, with Pavarotti singing “Vincerò” in my grandfather’s car, with my parents asking me to whistle from inside the baby cot when I couldn’t even speak.

I discover... view artist profile


Veronica is a UK based Singer-Songwriter. She released her first three singles in 2020 and she’s eager to release more. She writes about emotional health and spirituality in a quite fresh and light way as a reflection of her deep but funny p... view artist profile

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