With an abundance of amazing artists and awesome shows coming up in the calendar, we’ve carefully handpicked one of our stand-out events, which we are particularly looking forward to!

So save the date, add it to your calendar, pin it on your notice board as you won’t want to miss this one.

Jodie Bryant hosts the amazing podcast Discover Monthly where you can hear new artists, listen to interviews and discover your new favourite band.

Jodie Bryant has now partnered with Hot Vox and Islington Radio to bring this awesome podcast live to the stage!

You can catch the Discover Monthly Live Showcase, at Roadtrip & Workshop in Old Street on Wednesday 23rd March featuring Natalie Shay, GLOWE and Flo Gallop 

Don’t forget to tune into Jodie Bryant’s Discover Monthly Podcast on the 1st of each month!

Flo Gallop

You already know Flo Gallop. You’ve already heard her voice, it’s a pitch-perfect, beautiful, arm-around-the-shoulders version of the one in your head. Flo is the voice we all need, She’s the beat behind our breakdowns and the wo... view artist profile

Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay is an indie-pop artist hailing from North London. The multi-award-winning musician has established an ever-growing presence and loyal fanbase through her explosive live performances and unforgettable anthems, recognising her as one of... view artist profile


Aspiring Actor and Singer Glowe aka Georgia Lowe is back.  The singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire set her tone in 2020 where we saw
the artist release her first EP, ‘Daughter’, which featured the hit track ‘Better
view artist profile

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