With so many amazing shows out there you can be forgiven losing track. With work,

friends, and significant others it’s hard to remember all of the great upcoming music events! Therefore, this is your official Save The Date notification for The Spice of Life on 30th August!

So save the date, add it to your calendar, write it in your diary, pin it on your fridge as you won’t want to miss this one.

Paint me Crimson

Alt metal quintet Paint Me Crimson was formed in 2023, walking in the footsteps of giants Bring Me The Horizon, Sleep Token, and Linkin Park. Bound together on a cathartic journey, the Londoners aim to translate the madness of this world into unpr... view artist profile

Radfax and the Filter Flask

The band RadFax, through the transitional ‘Filter Flasks,’ are rocking the world with their sound devices and music transitions, from the hard and heavy to the light and breezy.
At times delving into the subconscious moments of real time... view artist profile

Nocturnal Sun

ARE YOU READY TO GET SUPERCHARGED? NOCTURNAL SUN has risen to Bless and Damn you all! The London-based hard rock band brings you fiery live shows filled with adrenaline-fueled songs to ignite a fire in every listener’s soul. Incorporating el... view artist profile


Re:O is a Japanese / British Metal x Dark Pop band from Maidenhead, UK combining dark ambient electronic J-pop tones with high energy and blood pumping metal.

Re:O was founded in 2020 by singer and multi-instrumentalist Rio S... view artist profile


poppyshow are a rock band from england. they write emotional songs, for emotional people. its not a phase, mom.

Poppyshow’s command of their guitar riffs and forceful percussive beats, together with their strong vocals, produce an ent... view artist profile

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