With an abundance of amazing artists and awesome shows coming up in the calendar, we’ve carefully handpicked one of our stand-out events, which we are particularly looking forward to!

So save the date, add it to your calendar, pin it on your notice board as you won’t want to miss this one.


YVNGERROR is the latest hot British Indie Alternative Artist hailing from West London Middlesex. Using a fresh British Indie Rock vibe and representing the flair of British Culture, the
YVNGERROR movement creates a unique perspective on the c... view artist profile


Southy is an 18 year old rapper and singer from South East London. Combining melodic rap and summer sounds to bring forward a laid-back yet upbeat vibe to the stage, Southy represents the sounds of London and the younger people who need a voice in... view artist profile


Aylis mae, now just Aylis is a singer/songwriter from Surrey, she has been performing from an early age. She enjoys the full power Ballards but enjoyed listening to a variety of music. She has music on YouTube, iTunes and vevo. She has performed u... view artist profile

Chloe Lawrence

Chloe Lawrence is a Manchester based, Essex born and Spanish bred singer-songwriter and street musician. 

Chloe has been forged in the folk revelations of the 60’s. She is known for her contemplative, intimate sets, syngergising ... view artist profile

See them live

12 May 26 Leake Street

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