Kenny Ross

Kenny Ross is a Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Multi-instrumentalist from North London. His music stems from Jazz, Trip-hop, soul/R&B and Afro-beats; to create his "space-like"/Lo-Fi sound he fuses these genres and incorporates making him fit nicly into the new era of upcoming quirky musicians in the UK industry. Kenny displays no limitations in lyrical creativity, building upon the historic fragments of his upbringing; he expresses knowledge of common issues but in a relatively simple way.

Anthony Rubery

Anthony Rubery is a singer-songwriter based in London. In 2017, the singer released his debut EP 'Rough Sketch', the lead single of which ('Intoxicated') spent 15 weeks at No.1 in the Cambridge 105 Unsigned Chart, breaking two chart records and entering into the chart's Hall of Fame.

Athena Skye

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Athena Skye is a talented emerging singer/songwriter who has been singing and performing since the age of 8. Growing up, Athena was trained both vocally and musically at the renowned Jan Smith Studios where many acclaimed artists have gone such as Usher, Justin Bieber, and Drake. At the age of 13, Athena began posting covers on Youtube which allowed her to work alongside YouTube Rapper MattyBRaps, which gained her over 50 million views collectively.


IAMSUUBI is a London based self taught songwriter, producer and vocalist. Exposed to genres like Hip-hop and RnB at a young age the musician has been heavily influenced by the likes of T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Notorious BIG and Frank Ocean. This is heard in his smooth rap vocals and catchy emotive hooks filled with melodies. He blends the genres with a singer songwriter twist.


FHP is a group that was started by its founder, Where's Steve™ aka Stephen Roachford, and is comprised of two other members who go by the name of Foxe and Luc-I-Lan. Stephen was born in Barbados, grew up partially in both England and America and now lives in London, England. He has tapped into the community in each area he has lived in and thrived on the different lifestyle London boasts in comparison to his childhood home, America. FHP bring a sound that is urban but with a twist as they try to bring the life and energy the Youth use to have.


M-eye is an international act born in 2014 from Ukranian/Italian Marianna Occhiuzzi who moved to London in 2012 to find her path. She’s influenced by different music generes. She worked alongside with english born jamaican dj/prducers who mix carribean raggae,electronic/dub, garage and uk hiphop/grime.
She Is also currently working in community studios founded by Skepta & Levi’s.
She took part in various shows, competitions and open mics, like Open Mic Uk in 2018 in which she earned a place for herself to the Regional Finals.

One Line to an Angle

Today’s musicians are so imbued with decades of influences that the art they produce is often hard to classify, and become harder by the day. R&B and rap have always held hands throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but in the increasingly technological age, a more industrial, techno and electronic sound has started to creep into hip-hop. The worlds of hip-hop and electronic music have coexisted on similar planes for years. Whether you talk about the art of tearing up clubs, or driving youth culture, electronic music and hip-hop often trade places as the top driver of youth trends.


Well Known Breed, a South London collective specialising in Rap, Hip/hop and grime whilst making strides within R&B and Afrobeat. Each artist Has major skills that they work to improve upon endlessly living by the motto "Success is a must, Failures not an option”. With dedicated ambition they climb closer to there goals and have yielded great results with every project. Elevating and building a legacy as WKBREED , artists: Smooth Pekz, Unorthodox Kings and Robyn Cho are not the ones to sleep on. Get Ready For The Next Move, Because There Coming!!!

Liberty Grant

Liberty is a 16 year old singer from West London with stunning soulful vocals and a musical maturity beyond her years. Influences include, Amy Winehouse, Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish. She is an extremely hard working young artist, gigging all over the country at festivals and venues including The NEC, Kempton Park and Lords Cricket Ground. Her fanbase is also quickly growing online.


MOAN (Message of a Nation) is a hip-hop group from Sheffield, combining soulful vibes with gritty realistic truth of today's society.

We consist of 3 friends Joe aka Lucid Behaviour, Sean Dee & Ben Woodward who came together during a time of creative flux and financial/social instability while leading hip-hop workshops for young homeless people of Sheffield inspiring the title of our upcoming E.P 'Finding Home'. This gave us a lot of inspiration and emotional content over the last 13 months. 


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