King Jelz

Since I was a young boy had a dream I could fly, had a dream in my eyes now I realise. Now I realise greatness, please give the faith to succeed I need patience - DFG Baby UK Zambian artist King Jelz has an infectious and unique zeal for music and devout compassion for people. In a world where street riots, terrorism and general unrest haunt us each day the talented rapper chooses to look at things from a positive alternative clearly spoken out from his sculptured lyrics full of his real life journeys, hope and healing.

New Kings Order

New Kings Order made up of Cardan Jayy, Brad Ryan and Corey Vaughan, are a British boy band formed in 2015 by founding member Cardan. The new line-up of “NKO” showcases a whole new side to the band that was never seen before. With the merge of Cardan’s Dance/Creative background and Brads busking/DIY approach crossed with Corey’s urban flare the boys have managed to harness a new stem of life for the boy band mould. The boys moved in together in a humble flat in West London where they immediately started developing their individual skills as well as vocal blend and dance routines.

Ishy Dee

Self made, proficient and edgy are a few words to describe the multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer from North London, Ishy Dee. Gripping the attention from new and loyal listeners since a young age led him to debut his first project in the summer of 2016 under a small label/management that helped him develop his talent since 2013. His first EP, “Calling” consists of nine R&B tracks, influenced with Urban and Pop vibes.

Yun Sen

London mystical association composed of J-hama, song rider & Wako, cooking beats. Producing electronic Alternative Pop Music in the West London caves, the duo forms a powerful combination of seductive melodies and hypnotic rhythms. A perfect example of the genre-bending antics that is customary on the fringes of the electronic music scene, they take cues from Photay, Flying Lotus and James Blake but also hint at soul, jazz, trap and French electronica.

August Twelfth

Born August 12th 1994 in south London, contemporary R&B singer-songwriter and producer, August Twelfth spent his younger years learning multiple instruments while discovering his passion and love for music. Under a previous alias, August was releasing music as a rapper and making beats for other artists. Encouraged to trade rapping for singing, August first began releasing brand new material as a singer in 2014. 

Lance Prime

From the tender age of 5, he knew what his calling was when he was barely holding on to his uncle's karaoke microphone. Born into a predominantly musical family, Lance's passion for music would prove somewhat inevitable with both his parents and his uncle and aunt all members of the LCGC (London Community Gospel Choir) during the early 90's.


Alichè, singer songwriter born and raised in west London has engrossed herself in a world of hip hop, soul, jazz & r&b from a very young age. She uses influences from all different genres of music to form her own style and take. Writing about the day to day to important political issues & domestic situations trying to use her voice to help & soothe

Abi Rose

Let me introduce ‘The Real’ Abi Rose, (not to be confused with all those other imitators who are just imitating!) Born in Perth Western Australia, Abi is proof that taking a huge leap and moving to the other side of the world in pursuit of the musical dream, really does pay off! Currently living in London, Abi started off at the age of nine on drums before moving onto bass guitar and rocking out the rhythm section. This started off a solid foundation for the rhythm based songs Abi writes and produces now and is apparent in her smooth yet energised singing and rapping!


Fresh, bold and boasting a powerhouse voice, Raphi looks and sounds like a pop star in waiting. With a mini album on the horizon, and a host of collaborations with some of the freshest producers and writers in the industry (Joe Kearns, Lewis Gardner, Knightstar Bhav, Harry James), Raphi wants to bring her brand of Synth pop/urban to the masses. Born in Cyprus, and having moved to London at just six months old, Raphi attended Sylvia Young followed by the BRIT School.


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