With a plethora of emerging talent out there, CHERRY PICKED makes life a little easier for you by bringing you the low down on just a handful of our stand-out shows. 


This show in particular has been carefully curated and hand-picked by our team here at HOT VOX as it’s a cut above the rest. We’ve included this show in the CHERRY PICKED series based on the sheer talent this line-up exudes…

Alyssa Palmer

Alyssa Palmer is a compelling new-to-the scene UK artist ready to bear her life and soul. Having grown up surrounded by music, singing, and dancing, Alyssa has internalized values of creativity, expression, and how that translates to authenticity.... view artist profile

David Rist

David Rist hails from the mighty wilderness of the Westfjords in Iceland, but currently resides in London, where he´s doing a MA in Songwriting at ICMP. Previously he finished his BA degree from the Iceland University of the Arts. There he f... view artist profile

elle perry

Nu jazz singer songwriter based in London. Influence include Joni Mitchell, Chet Baker, Lianne la Havas

view artist profile

Taylor Benfield

Meet Taylor Benfield, a British RnB singer-songwriter, who draws her inspiration from the world around her and the life experiences she goes through each day. During the pandemic, Taylor released her debut single ‘Side of Life’, and af... view artist profile

Dylan Allura

London based singer-songwriter Dylan Allura started her career at the age of 7 as a theatrically trained singer, dancer and actor. Her interest in performing arts quickly grew into an admiration for songwriting. She experimented with a number of d... view artist profile

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