With an abundance of amazing artists and awesome shows coming up in the calendar, we’ve carefully handpicked one of our stand-out events, which we are particularly looking forward to!

So save the date, add it to your calendar, pin it on your notice board as you won’t want to miss this one.


NAYTiiVE, 27, is a London-based artist and performer, originally from Basingstoke, Hampshire. His music brings a new wave of funk/pop music to the UK scene with a mix of infectious melodies with a high octane live performance, full of charisma. NA... view artist profile

Ace Bermuda

Ace Bermuda, the mysteriously absent ex-music industry legend, has formed a London-based collective looking to reach out to and work alongside a wide range of musicians and artists. Though an icon himself, his self-imposed exile on his island for ... view artist profile


Èmelle is a London based singer, originally from the little town of Hedge End, Southampton.  Growing up in a musical family, Èmelle followed suit from her father, a singer song writer with a touring band and recording career. Cl... view artist profile

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