Carmen Marie

Carmen Marie’ is the amalgamation of a genre defying singer/songwriter hailing from Streatham, South East London, where her emotive honesty and rawness distinguishes her as an artist. With influences heavily drawn to RnB, Jazz and Neo Soul, Carmen’s soulful vocals and personal capture of ‘melodic alternative slow jams’ give the ever-evolving singer the ambiguity beyond that of a conventional artist.

After the success of her debut single ‘Hopeless’ in 2018, (which found its way naturally onto various Spotify playlists raking 54K views+), Carmen returns with her first single of 2019 ‘High Day’.

‘This song was originally inspired by my mum and our jokes about me regularly singing and writing sad love songs. I decided to write a love song from a happy perspective, whilst being as honest as possible. 'I watched you grow just like a flower' refers to growing with someone during love, even when that love initiated just as a seed. We all refer to terms such as 'high on love' and 'Thank God it's Friday' and that's exactly what is meant by the term 'High Day'. You know that buzz we all feel on a Friday knowing we will either have a peaceful or eventful weekend, despite feeling drained from the days prior. Throughout the lows of a relationship, those high days make every moment worth it. I wanted to create those butterflies in the stomach during the honeymoon phase sort of feeling