Sun 5th Apr   17:00


ACOUSTIC SUNDAYS : LOVE TRAPEZIUM // Ashley Drake // Sofia Strand // Gregory James at

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“A unified and tight playing unit, every keyboard and percussion interjection in just the right place”

– Cambridge Music Reviews, 2019


– John Oxley, 2018

Pop band LOVE T... view artist profile

Ashley Drake

Ashley Drake is a songwriter and artist from Leeds, UK. Beginning by posting videos to YouTube of both original songs as well as covers of his favourite songs, reaching thousands of views and receiving acclaim from artists such as Lewis Capaldi in... view artist profile

Sofia Strand

Sofia Strand is a commercial pop singer who is now based in London. The 24 year old grew up surrounded by music where she began to perform from an early age. Sofia found her voice and what she wanted to say with her music after moving to London in... view artist profile

Gregory James

Raised in the Isle of Man but living in London since the age of eighteen Gregory brings a piece of the countryside with him wherever he goes. With clever lyrics and raw, natural imagery the artist takes you somewhere else. That place may be the Me... view artist profile

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