Hudsy is a high-energy rock singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. Because of his small town upbringing his original influences were classic rock and country until going to University in 2004 where he met new friends who introduced him to the 90’s artists that affected his songwriting massively. These influences included Big Wreck, John Mayer, Tool, Incubus and Dave Matthews Band. Hudsy played shows all through University and received a Bachelor of Music (honours) from Brandon University and a Bachelor of Education.

Claire Frances

Claire Frances is a singer-songwriter who’s been playing and performing on piano and guitar since she was 15. Her songs are inspired by folk, country and pop artists and delivered with a soft and melodious voice. Her passion lies in writing creative and engaging lyrics that tell stories that tug at heartstrings. Over the last year her career has been progressing in leaps and bounds as she semi-finaled in the national music competition “Open Mic UK 2016” and started recording her EP in January.

Tom Gourlay

Tom Gourlay has perfected the art of live performance. When off duty fronting indie-pop sensation 'House Of Thieves' Tom picks up the acoustic guitar and blows minds with both his luscious songwriting and moving performances.

Cian Ducrot

Growing up in Cork Cian Ducrot drew his following from busking and his popular Facebook and YouTube Videos raking in over 2 million views and over 40,000 online followers and featuring on MTV. Now at 19 years of age he is an aspiring singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist living and studying music in the UK at the Royal Academy of Music London.
Cian is working on new music for labels and agents. He released one self entitled EP "Words I Never Spoke" which reached several thousand streams online and on radio.

Amie Jane Brown

Singer Songwriter Amie Jane Brown is making her mark this year with a collection of music from laid back acoustic soul to quirky upbeat pop.With influences from her enviable background singing in the U.K's underground House and Drum & Bass scenes, her music is a unique mix that resonates through her portfolio of songs.


Sandtimer is a British folk-rock group formed in Hampshire by musicians Robert Sword and Simon Thomas. Featuring close vocal harmonies, percussive guitar rhythms and intricate, Appalachian-infused guitar textures, Sandtimer sing songs of reflection and escapism. They strive to combine innovative, leftfield ideas with classic songcraft to create something at once unique and familiar.

Milan André

Milan André is here to inspire and impel towards positive change. Montréal born and raised, this Slovak, African American and Cuban artist brings linguistic and cultural diversity into a music industry set in its ways. His music is layered and complex; addressing meaningful topics ranging from self-growth, addiction, grief and the future of this world, to name a few. Milan André's music is born out of heavy introspection in hopes to inspire.
Now based in London, England, Milan André brings his message to Europe.


Reed are a three piece folk band with a light dusting of percussive guitar, viola, bass ukulele, flute, whistle and vocals. Alan (guitar/vox) and Sasha (flute,whistle and vox) first met on the Cambridge folk scene over a decade ago. They got back together to play in 2015 before Tom (Viola/bass) joined at the beginning of 2016. Reed combine their own take on traditional tunes with original penned material and songs.

Nick Byrne

Driven by a desire to create something lasting and beautiful, singer-songwriter Nick Byrne has created his 'Through The Tall Grass' EP. Various lyrical symbols work their way onto the 5-song offering, many based on distinct visual memories. With his live performance, the music takes on an emotive, intimate tone, as seen supporting the likes of Adam Barnes, Spring Offensive & The Lion & The Wolf.

JW Edwards

JW Edwards in an innovative musician hitting the scene with everything he has. Hailing from North London, JW Edwards has spent years honing his unique alternative sound.

Drawing influence from Folk, Rock and World music, JW Edwards blends his influences with an accessible value, thus catering to a large audience.

His easy going yet interesting chord structures, melodic ideas and song forms makes his music very listenable, drawing you in with every ounce of feeling poured into the mixture.


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