J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls

J Lee and The Hoodoo Skulls- dirty riffs, stomping swamp percussion and gutsy vocals are typically the stuff of biker rock legend that you'd find somewhere down an American highway. This Surrey based band blend Americana with bluesy retro vibes to create their unique brand of urban blues rock. With a sound this big, you'll have to pinch yourself to remember that they come from the UK.

Beth Jones

Beth Jones is an 18 year old London girl. Raised on 60s folk and disco, she began songwriting at 13 and has since found a love of old time blues and soul. Likened to Katie Melua, Laura Marling and Elliott Smith by others, she has a vast repertoire building on a collection of experiences throughout the last 5 years. Her music is a kaleidoscope of encounters. At home in a pub with a few old blokes listening to tinny guitars and dirty harmonica lines, she is now well-established in singing the blues.

The Regents

The Regents are Mod R 'n' B band bringing R'n'B back to the pubs and clubs on the Mod Circuit, they have supported Geno Washington, and headlined The Mods May Day at Cambridge, Their Single Coffee Girl (Then The Prince Regents) was released on the Alley Club Label. they have a large following amongst The Mods of all ages, but will let the music do the talking.

Tyler Rix

Tyler Rix is a British singer songwriter & sax man looking to top the charts once again.

Having risen to prominence with a Number 1 selling solo saxophone album with Universal Classics & Jazz aged sixteen, Tyler knows how to write a mean horn line. Influenced by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson, MJ & Stevie Wonder; his musical taste bodes well for his move into the pop world.

Molly's Peck

Molly’s Peck is a Soul, Blues and R’n’B music group founded in 2016. The band is led by singer and violinist Julia Selbherr (Germany) and guitarist Guilherme Castelhano (Brazil). The couple met at Los Angeles College of Music in 2014, where they started writing their own songs and graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree in Vocal/Guitar Performance. Molly’s Peck believes strongly in their own compositions that combine Julia’s singing and violin playing with Guilherme’s expressive guitar solos.

Brendan Kidulis

When I was young I had a pedal car,
I drove my nails into a wall.
Now I’m older than I was by far,
I haven’t come that far at all.

My belt has worn a hole into my guitar,
Time has worn a path across my face,
Trains pull in and out, the door remains ajar
If you’re good at jumping time and owning space.

There’s a plane leaving in the early morning,
There’s a beach where nothing yet has learned to stand.
The sky is red, I take it as a warning:
They’re casting off and pirating this land.


Mutli-genre one man band loop pedalist, vocalizing on behalf of K T P (Keeping The Peace) within myself.

Influenced by 1960's Jazz, blues greats and modern RnB.

Scumbag College

Rising like Phoenix from the ashes of a works covers band come Scumbag College.

Blending psychedelia, funk, punk, rock and blues into their own original material, the Scumbags cover the important topics of the day, like amorous liaisons with lady vampires and the upcoming zombie apocalypse. In addition to this the Scumbags mix some quirky covers in to their set for your delight and delectation.

The Scumbags EP 'Six of the Best' is free to stream and download from https://www.reverbnation.com/scumbagcollege

Victor Vox

“A midnight coffee-house collision between blues, jazz and storytelling” Alex Dunn, blogger

“An electric heart in acoustic format, like a hand grenade going off in an antique wooden box.” - Alexander Diego Story, Producer


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