After graduating from the University of Surrey in 2015, they combined their varied and eclectic musical influences into a unique hybrid. STITCH fuse intricate vocal harmonies with lush, emotive textures and infectious rhythm. They blend an organic and raw musical sensibility with modern electronic elements and a technological prowess that together, create a captivating live show. The band were 2016 finalists of London’s Pride’s Got Talent, earning a performance at the Trafalgar Square stage, to an audience in excess of 15,000.

Drive Like Her

Drive Like Her come hurtling out of the gates with a furiously catchy blend of synth-pop, funk and dance. Syncopated guitar riffs and chords weave their way through songs and sounds that have no place being where they are. Experimentation is very much the name of the game, and as you lose yourself in a soaring chorus of synthesizers or an annoyingly addictive guitar melody, you'll come to love the splash of colour Drive Like Her brings to a potentially dark and scary world. Their mums think they're great too.


EXRCM is a group of friends that plays music and makes videos.
They were all born and raised in the green valleys of northern Italy, where, mainly thanks to the tight bond among them, that always pushed them to go on despite the failures, they developed a strong inclination towards the autonomous fulfillment of their goals and dreams.
Looking for bigger challenges to face, they decided to move all together in a small house in the big and famous european music capital, Berlin, where they are currently active.


A dark tangle of raw lyrics, honest and haunting melodies, Amani represents a new generation of songwriters. Undefinable and expansive. Her talents come from a very unique & original array of circumstances. After her late sister committed suicide, Amani really took to music and writing poetry as a way of expressing her emotions.

Marlon Percy

Marlon Percy is a singer-songwriter and producer from London making and performing his own unique style of electronic music that blends jazzy keys, soulful vocals and chilled house vibes. Marlon’s about to drop his debut EP ‘The Little Things’, and is also working on multiple collaborative projects with producers Gold Top, FADED, Occult, Dariush Gould and BENJI.


SECNDS are an electric pop duo from London. Since forming in September 2016, they have released their debut album “White Light” and are well on the way to releasing their second album “The Winter Sun”. Having previously played at ‘indigo at The 02’ and ‘Nambucca’ and with a string of tour dates lined up into 2018, SECNDS are ready for people to hear what they have to say. 


Tayne is the creation of Matthew Sutton. Taking inspiration from Pop and Experimental backgrounds, Tayne creates a Pulsating, Drone, Synth-Pop sounds with haunting vocals and an industrial feel.


SNDS, is an electro-pop solo project by producer and songwriter Maxime Godin. Formed in the Montreal winter of 2010, SNDS channels 70s & 80s electronic music with a dash of rock, funk and soul. Think a mix of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Oasis, Chromeo and Childish Gambino. SNDS’ first EP, Let It Sink In, was released in 2015, produced and mixed from a small traditional Tokyo bedroom. Now SNDS is back with Pictures, a more mature, personal journey through pain, poignancy and love.

Subtle Bodies

A two-piece hailing from London, UK, with members Atlasbelly and Sunhead. The duo released their debut Album 'Dreampool Essays' July 20th 2017 on the independent label EnkiMuzik, and performed at this year's Secret Garden Party festival.

Leena Ojala

Leena Ojala is a London-based singer songwriter and producer who writes and performs both electronic and acoustic music. Leena's music has been described as haunting, captivating and ethereal. Her performance is passionate and emotional with some dark undertones. Find out more about Leena and her music from


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