Tyger Lily

Indie Rock Funk with heavy and blues influences. haven't been able to define a style as we are all into so much music we cover all forms. bands been going just over a year now. based in south west london richmond/kingston borough. we were on a small hiatus finding a new member of the band after personality clashes. we're recording our EP for a couple months until the this unfortunate event happened. now we have decided to record and release singles recorded at MusicLand studios with producer Ian Flynn. playing in and around central london mainly.

Abi Farrell

Abi Farrell is a singer-songwriter from Oxford who weaves together catchy riffs, soulful vocals and carefully crafted melodies. Abi expresses herself in a captivating and intimate acoustic performance with talented guitarist Ben Pinkus.

In 2015, Abi got to the finals of the competiton Open Mic UK, where her track 'Reasons You Should Stay' received an award for Best Original Song. Soon after, the song received radio airplay through BBC Introducing.


Innovative live & in the studio, we create the sound of a four-piece band, which is a spectacle to see/hear live & is equally as impressive on record.

A Guitar/Bass & Drum duo from the North West of England with songs & a sound that not only separates us from other duo’s but other bands. Our sound has been described as Alt Rock/Indie/Dance/Funk (all styles we happily take influence from) but we see ourselves simply as a Rock duo.

Unit 48

//We are Unit 48//
A love for music with almost primitive fire, music with feel, music with jubilance and music with groove unite the unit that is Unit 48. The northern edge of the county of Kent has given birth on its shores to a collective that turns on the funk, fears not the feel, and is open without shame

New Manhattan

New Manhattan are a glam-funk six-piece based in West London. We make outrageously danceable disco- and funk-infused songs packed with earworm hooks and bulletproof grooves. We combine catchy, focused song-craft with a passion for sonic experimentation and a love of the absurd, taking cues from David Bowie, Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic and Talking Heads. Our music is joyful and exuberant, our lyrics promote self-respect and inclusiveness, and we dress in androgynous, out-there clothing, inviting the audience to embrace the surreal and express themselves.

The Shadow Grooves

The Shadow Grooves are a 4-piece Alternative band from South-East London.
Fresh onto the current music scene with a sound that fuses art-pop, funk,
lounge jazz and alt-rock, they have crafted compositions with dynamic
arrangements, a strong melodic presence and plenty of character. This
combination ensures they are accessible, but also unique and never
Please like our page and keep up-to-date with our upcoming gigs so we can
our gigging experience with you!

Head In The Sky

Crafting sound and stories though the unmistakable vocals and unforgettable guitar-work of Ronoc; The rip-roaring lead riffs of Andy, the brilliant bass work of Manu and the driving beats of Charlie. Its clear if a tune emerged of Head In The Sky.

Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods are a London-based 5 piece band playing its own brand of rock-tinged soul and funk covers. Celebrating musical greats such as Bill Withers, The Rolling Stones, and Stevie Wonder; Stolen Goods brings infectious energy which will make you get down on that dancefloor. Pavel (vocals), Steve (guitar), Alex (bass), Johnny (keys) and Giovanni (drums).

Andrew Styles

I am a South African born, British based singer. My style and s a unique mix of African culture, rock voice and soulful music background. View my Facebook page HTTPS://Facebook.com/andrewstylesuk


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