Chairfight was formed in Bristol in 2010 by 3 friends who's brains were the same. Together they disparately mind thrashed and made an album 'Fighting with Chairs' with Jim Barr of Portishead. After a 6 year holiday, they self-recorded an album at a house in Herefordshire. It will be released on Babylegs records autumn 2017.


London four piece straddling metal, stoner rock and grunge. Think thick, dripping slabs of Alice in Chains swagger punctuated by bursts of Mastodon aggression. Snarling vocals battle blistering guitar riffs as monolithic bass licks grind out an unstoppable path beneath a punishing volley of drums.

Gramma Vedetta

Gramma Vedetta formed in 2016 from the Daniele McCoy’s idea to create a new band with a grunge and stoner attitude.
With his friend Marco Basetta, bass player and music producer, he started composing songs over a few beers on a regular basis.
Drum programming was cool at the beginning but they felt the urgency to make some real noise with loud amps and a real drummer, so they posted and advert online.
Valadis replied and during his audition, he instantly got the gig when he said “Please set the guitar and the f… bass louder”.


MUFFIN is a sonic slice of grungegaze baked to perfection. All from different corners of the UK meeting in Leeds, the 5-piece have racked up shows at venues throughout the country and don't show any signs of slowing down. With a few released singles now under their belt, their explosive live show is definitely not one to miss. Rumour has it they give out free muffins....
'Oozing with confidence and attitude, Muffin’s performance was quite unforgettable' - The Gryphon


WITCHER are an Alternative Grunge band based outside of London.

Although the band bring an original take on modern grunge music, it's fair to say they combine vocal and instrumental elements from 90s grunge with modern ambience and folk.

These influences help to create their signature music stye forming a vivid ambient soundscape when played both live and in the studio.

Holy Moments

Our first review said it better than we ever could;
"...little more than two and half minutes of gruff shouting of the sort that’s not entirely unpleasant but makes little concession to anything resembling actual singing or an actual tune, instead being a prolonged bellow that sounds like a forty-a-day and ten-pints of-Stella football hooligan attempting a spot of Dinosaur Jr karaoke. It possesses absolutely zero artistic value, but if you can’t appreciate why it’s still better than a lot of far more accomplished adventures into sound, you are dead to us."


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