Five piece alternative metal band, Assimilate, started making a local name for themselves in 2013 when they released their debut self titled EP and began bringing their fierce and energetic live performances to their local live scene.

They followed up their debut in 2015 with 'Irrational Fears' which has spawned two singles and has helped them gain a larger fan base. The band is currently playing shows around the country, leaving their mark wherever they go.

The Fall of Kronos

Hi there,
The fall of Kronos is a 4 piece hardcore/metal band from London/Essex that strive and live off of our heavy brutal breakdowns and killer harmonic riffs. We love performing and we all do it purely for the love and passion we have for music! We love meeting new people and specially performing with with bands!

I Plead Guilty

I Plead Guilty – Melodic Hardcore / Metalcore outfit based in London, UK. Three friends who are sick of existing and not living. „We take all the negativity thrown at us by society, peers and foes to transform it into a positive energy that ignites the light at the end of the tunnel. Making music is our getaway”. I Plead Guilty recently released the first single „For The Sake of Nothing” – the music video can be found on youtube –


Inspiration from the surreality of Paris syndrome, a traction towards auditive entropy and humble normalness forms the foundation for this psychedelic noise-punk project. A massive wall of sound produced by pure will and raw power in synergy with free timbral exploration is mixed with attitude of punk and noise aesthetics to form an ear bleeding, face crushing and brutal sound dé bruyant.

Broken Chakra

In late 2010 Jon put out a call for like minded musicians to join him and form a Rap / Rock Fusion band. It was Christian Bailey (Bass) Rolen Brandy (Drums) and Luke Morgan (Guitar) who answered that call and Broken Chakra was formed.
Meeting in a studio based in London Bridge the band began to form their unique fusion of original music. 

Terminal Decline

'Punk Rock like yer mother used to make' Terminal Decline formed sometime in 2007 in south London and quickly established a reputation for their original blend of razor-sharp punk riffs played at breakneck speed topped with scathing lyrical observations. Various incarnations of the band have existed, with the forces of death, incompatibility and over-commitment provoking line up changes and, eventually, a complete hiatus in April 2010.

Pharaohs From The Grave

Pharaohs from the Grave are a four-piece alternative punk rock band from the U.K. Resident party band in the London indie Rock scene. Described as a mix between Blondie, Grace Jones, No doubt, Garbage, the yeah yeah yeahs and Queens of the stone age.
The band have been described as a visual act as well not just a  generic rock n roll act.

Emily 'Wolf' O (vocals)
Katy Kibbs (Guitar)
UJ (Bass) 
DeMc McAllister (Drums)

The Twin Dracula

Born from a multi-band break up, coupled with a series of chance encounters spanning the past 17 years, The Twin Dracula finally came to fruition in the early months of 2012. 
Taking influence from older heavyweights (Bad Religion, Rocket From The Crypt, Black Flag), right the way through to current acts (The Bronx, Kid Dynamite, Gallows), The band are both flattered (and surprised) when comparisons are drawn to these bands, and will more often than not argue with any similarity, but hey, that's humility for you.


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