Dom Clark

Songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist Dom Clark has been writing and playing music since 7 years old. Once described by Melody Maker as "like Portishead played by proper jazz musicians" Dom's songs incorporate a myriad of musical styles from folk to jazz all wrapped up in 3-4 minute old school pop sensibilities. His most recent album "The Amateur - For The Love Alone" has been featured on BBC Radio in both England and Northern Ireland.

Emily White

Emily White is an exciting young talent who has already built up a loyal following around her East Midlands base. A singer-songwriter who draws influence from a wide range of styles and eras, she performs a unique blend of music which hints at her love for jazz, soul and the finest songwriters of the 70s. Her debut EP, Colourblind, is a stand out track that was produced, released and distributed as part of a 5 track collection recorded at SMAC Studios, Suffolk. A new album is already underway and Emily is relocating to London where she is performing regularly.


A Bristol based psych-jazz band led by saxophonist, Dino Christodoulou, and Neil Smith on guitar. Mixing middle east grooves, kraut rock, free jazz and improv. With Roberto Nappi on drums and Pasquale Votino on electric bass. Live reviews- "...striking the perfect balance between groove-inducing Cypriot rhythms and face-melting sonic outbursts. Saxophone, double-bass, drums and guitar harmonise beautifully with one another before taking a violent turn, gradually descending into a darker beast entirely.

Victor Vox

“A midnight coffee-house collision between blues, jazz and storytelling” Alex Dunn, blogger

“An electric heart in acoustic format, like a hand grenade going off in an antique wooden box.” - Alexander Diego Story, Producer


Ridder is a music project formed in Greece by two multitalented artists, Kostas Georgiadis and Athena Anagnostou. Their sound is a harmonic mixture of pop, neo-soul and electro music, blended together beautifully, creating a unique sonic experience. The two members had been already working together for 4 years in various projects, when their passion for music and their need to experiment on new ideas and sounds, led them to the formation of RIDDER in 2015.


Olandra is a vocalist, songwriter and music producer, girl partial to pianos and guitars. Her debut album Look Out was released last autumn.

Unit 48

We are Unit 48
A love for music with almost primitive fire, music with feel, music with jubilance and music with groove unite the unit that is Unit 48. The northern edge of the county of Kent has given birth on its shores to a collective that turns on the funk, fears not the feel, and is open without shame!

Toby Corton

London based singer/songwriter Toby Corton, who releases music under 'toby.', is a new arrival in the the UK music scene. Despite his recent emergence he is gaining some traction, with his recent release 'Hazy Sunday' gathering him a following. Among this following are tastemakers 'colors berlin', who have said that with every release 'toby adds another layer to his artistry', describing 'Hazy Sunday' as 'pure bliss'.

Jelly Cleaver

Jelly Cleaver first picked up the guitar aged 5, and has been playing ever since. Now a veteran performer, notable performances include the 2015 Great British R&B Festival in Colne and the 2016 Music in the City Festival. As guitarist and vocalist in female rock-group ‘The Follies’, who supported bands The Hoosiers and The Pigeon Detectives, and neo-soul band ‘The Dream Jazz Collective’, who did a UK tour in 2017, she likes to stay versatile in her music.


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