Atlas Falls

Atlas Falls provide a unique take on modern Metalcore, effortlessly blending monstrous riffs and lively choruses with delicate atmosphere and thought provoking lyrics. Check out 'Carve the Names' at or on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music. Follow the band @atlasfallsuk on all social platforms.


London four piece straddling metal, stoner rock and grunge. Think thick, dripping slabs of Alice in Chains swagger punctuated by bursts of Mastodon aggression. Snarling vocals battle blistering guitar riffs as monolithic bass licks grind out an unstoppable path beneath a punishing volley of drums.


Kingbreaker is Spinky, Gabriel, Tom and Mikko, a new London-based band of metalheads from four different countries and two different hemispheres, drawn together by the need to play music, the desire to do something a little different, to create, to perform, to headbang, to rock.

Kingbreaker's music began as a living room collaboration between Australian bassist Tom, and Portuguese guitarist Gabriel in 2013. They had been playing together in London band Cities Will Fall for a few years prior, and conceived of a new project during the terminal stages of Cities' unfortunate demise.

The Freudian Session

Punk/Metal Band born in the heart of Reading with heavy influences from all genres of metal, rock and punk, mainly following the style of The Wildhearts with constant riffs, mix of heavy and fast pace to jumping around pop punk vibes.

Your Cat is a Landmine

Your Cat is a Landmine are an alt-rock trio looking for the missing link between Jimmy Eat World and Isis (the band), which they believe is to be found somewhere in the gaps between quiet/loud/quiet/loud. Their sound is a contradiction of monstrous riffs and quirky arrangements reminiscent of Thrice, Biffy Clyro and Joy Division. Oddball lyrics and a prize fighter's attitude combine well to create uncompromising post-rock geek chic.

Death Koolaid

Death Koolaid were dug up from the dark depths of society. Each member was found through their blood thirsty passion to make hard hitting music. The four-piece, fe- male-fronted hardcore punk-rock band, based in London, UK, began their quest to inject noise into the hearts of the masses in 2013.

Ego Kill Talent

Theo van der Loo (Guitar/ Bass), Niper Boaventura (Guitar/Bass), Jonathan Correa (Vocals), Raphael Miranda (Drums/Bass) and Jean Dolabella (Drums/Guitar), are experienced musicians from bands such as Diesel/Udora, Sepultura, Reação em Cadeia, Pulldown and Sayowa,and now form EGO KILL TALENT. The name, a short version of the popular expression “too much ego will kill your talent”, invites for a reflection of the ego, which is a common ingredient in the artistic universe.


In today’s digital era, where what you see and hear is only what ‘they’ want you to, emerges Decrypted - a Metalcore band set out to awaken you with an explosion of emotion that translates into fast playful riffs and heavy breakdowns, combined with vocals that are as grim and aggressive as they are clean and melodic.
Influenced by Killswitch Engage and Periphery, Decrypted is a dynamic group of culturally diverse talent. With Martin (guitar) and Raf (bass) from Poland, Ric (guitar/vocals) from Portugal and Steve (vocals) from England.

Icarus Dive

Icarus Dive is not the cohesive hive mind of unified beings that many bands may strive to be; it is the collective name for four distinct individuals that each bring their own take on where modern rock music could be heading. Drawing from four opposing corners of the meta-genre, each contributes to a blend of melancholic crescendos and quirky guitar play, often breaking down into their signature mind-melting riffs. Conducted by a theatrical vocal performance, this sound is perfectly at home on the biggest stages.


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