Cats On The Beach

We mainly tear around London in ubers that are usually too small for our equipment to play shows that are usually too loud for any clear detection of Rob's vocals. Before these shows we often grab a falafel, have a stab at amusing conversation and, when that fails, move onto existential philosophy, animal rights and red wine. En route back to the venue we vape and compare egos. Career highlights include BBC Radio coverage and gigs for the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. Gary Crowley, a BBC DJ, said we were 'the band he had been waiting for', which was sweet of him.

Crushed Veneer

London based Crushed Veneer deliver a blend of punk and indie rock with influences ranging from The Gaslight Anthem and Beach Slang to Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. Formed in 2017 with guitarist and vocalist Kieran, bassist Al, drummer Bobby, and guitarist Aaron, the band have quickly written a bunch of original material with their first EP “Desire and the Need to Live” due early next year.

Victory Through Sound

Charged with a desire to make ‘big-on-melody’ epic and anthemic guitar songs, Andy Vaughan (Ex – 90s hopefuls Boy Girl Soup) formed Victory Through Sound with Spencer Parker (various 90s post punk bands) during the winter of 2015. With a vision to craft wide-open and expansive, heroic sounding songs, Vaughan and Parker spent 2016 writing and recording demos and piecing together the remainder of the band.

Micko Westmoreland & The Mellotronics

Early on in the career of Micko Westmoreland, a journalist from The Independent described him as being "half stuck in a timewarp." And while that might be a slightly simplistic summary of someone who is ultimately a multi-facetted polymath, everything from an actor to musican, programmer and soundtrack creator, as soundbites go there are certainly worse places to start.


Chairfight was formed in Bristol in 2010 by 3 friends who's brains were the same. Together they disparately mind thrashed and made an album 'Fighting with Chairs' with Jim Barr of Portishead. After a 6 year holiday, they self-recorded an album at a house in Herefordshire. It will be released on Babylegs records autumn 2017.

Hungry Joe

Hungry Joe are a four piece band from Brighton whose tight, edgy guitar based tunes owe much to early punk but draw on indie, rock and even dance sensibilities. A busy 2017 has seen Hungry Joe play many shows in the South East, the highlight so far being headlining the prestigious Great Escape Festival in Brighton, where they topped the Queens Hotel Stage. Anyone who has had the pleasure of catching Hungry Joe live will be able to testify that there is something familiar about this band – you may feel as though you have heard them before but at the same time, you’ve never heard anything lik

The Institutes

The Institutes started writing together last summer and had their debut live performance in August last year. From then on they've gone on to perform with Kings Of Leon at the Genting Arena and the superband YOTA (Gorillaz, Beady Eye), playing up and down the country. The Institutes debut single, Million Miles was recorded and produced by Gavin Monaghan (Editors). Self released in February 2017, it enjoyed critical acclaim from the likes of Owen Morris (Oasis) who hailed it as "epic with stunning melodies" and Richard McNamara (Embrace) describing it as "Immense".


Originally formed in 2015, MONIKA is a three piece alternative rock band based in South London, drawing on hero influences from the present and past including The Cribs, Suede, Blur and Joy Division.

Social Media:

BENEFITS, the debut EP, is available to stream on SoundCloud and ReverbNation:

Jimmy & The Wolf

Jimmy & the Wolf are a London based alternative rock band formed in 2015, their influences range from The Streets to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ghost Poet to Arcade Fire and many, many more. Currently JWolf are busy writing and developing their distinct sound, merging rap and folk with heavy rock riffs and catchy melodies.- keep up to date by following them @jimmyandthewolf, happy hunting.

Vocals, Guitar / Reuben Beau Davies
Vocals, Keys / James Bryant
Bass / Sam Adamson
Vocals, Drums / Anthony Hollis


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