Before form a fugue [fyoog] is metaphorical; it's purpose is to reveal connections in seemingly unlike things. It's method is to develop an idea in never precisly the same way.
Expect delicate vocals and piano with heavy baselines and driving beats.



Project is a 2 piece London based live electronic drum and bass band. Doing mashup mixes and original Music to widen and explore new boundaries of your horizon.

Tom Jelley

Tom Jelley who has come from Liverpool, playing for the well-known Peach Events hosted at various warehouses around the Baltic triangle. Supporting the likes of Alex Costa, Reset Robot, Guy J, Kev & Phil Odger and more.


'Oak' is the solo project of Nick Stott. Taking influence from the likes of Foals, The XX, Paul Kalkbrenner, Bonobo, Underworld and Darkside, Nick plays Indie/Electronic music through a mix of live performance and live production using guitar, synths, vocals and ableton live.
'Nick's voice works really well in this sonic scape - I can't praise it highly enough'


Wolfcub are three musicians with a shared interest in riding the line between pop music and club culture. As obsessed with juxtaposition as they are with synergy, Wolfcub pull together a textured soundscape indebted to the last 50 years of electronic, experimental and popular music but with their collective heads firmly facing a genre-less future.

Rhythmic, melodic and emotive, Wolfcub blur the edge between club and organic music, mining murky territories from jazz, glitch-hop, minimal techno, post punk, ambient, ethnic and guitar pop.


3 piece live Dubstep/breakbeat/Funky house band.
Mel - Vocals
Kuba - Samplers
Eddy - Drums
"there are big juicy samples, head nodding beats and the sultry vocals of singer Mel laid over the top like a silk sheet on a vibrating bed" - Listen with Monger review.


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